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Whether you are a professional actor, a much sought-after model or a starting extra, visibility is very important. CastingNetwork brings you closer to the client, both on the national and the international market. All you need to do is make yourself known through CastingNetwork.

CastingNetwork is 100% FREE OF CHARGE. Actors, models, extras or other talent can make full use of all the advantages offered by CastingNetwork, with no obligation to buy anything.

Join CastingNetwork FREE OF CHARGE and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Launch yourself on the domestic and international market
  • 24/7 and worldwide accessibility
  • Personal page on CastingNetwork with your contact details, a curriculum vitae, photo gallery (8 photos), sizes and video/audio (3 MB). For an example of a ‘Talent Page’, please click here.
  • Full control over the photographs, video/audio and information you want to put on the site
  • Photographs, video/audio and information can be updated at any time
  • Use the automatic resizer to fit the photographs in our layout
  • Your own web address in the following format
  • Hosting with great capacity

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