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CastingNetwork tries to simplify the selection procedure for professional clients to find talent as much as possible. Click here to go directly to the registration page.
  • national and international talent database
    CastingNetwork provides an extensive offer of national and international talent. CastingNetwork is active in the USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, the Czech Republic, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Poland and the UK.

  • recent photographs and details
    Artistes are responsible for the management of their own page on CastingNetwork. Information and photographs can be updated at any time.

  • access to a detailed record of the artiste
    After registering the client is able to access the contact details (directly or through an agency), an extensive photo gallery, sizes. Artistes are also able to add video and audio. All artistes have a Talent Page. Please click here for an example.

  • correct division into categories
    A professional casting team screens all artistes and puts them in one or several categories. It is based on strict selection criteria (training and experience) and provides a clear overview of the different levels. It speeds up the selection and makes it more efficient.

  • extensive search and selection options
    To find your way through the vast offer of talent, CastingNetwork provides user-friendly search and selection options. Both a simplified and an advanced search engine are available. CastingNetwork also provides a ‘My Selection’ worksheet that allows the client to make a personal selection to send to a customer.

  • casting calls
    To give your search for talent an extra stimulus, a call for artistes can be made via CastingNetwork free of charge. You can opt for a public and/or targeted circulation of your casting call. If you choose public circulation your casting call will be published on the casting page and be included in the weekly CastingNetwork newsletter. In case of targeted circulation the casting call will only be sent to people that meet the specified criteria.

  • 24/7 and worldwide accessibility
    CastingNetwork has no closing times or borders. CastingNetwork is available via the Internet, always and everywhere.

  • 100% free
    CastingNetwork is free of charge for clients.

To make use of CastingNetwork 's website you must register as a professional client. This is completely free of charge and free of obligations. Only registered clients are able to access the talent database. This ensures a restricted number of users and enables us to guarantee the best possible surfing conditions.

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