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Whether you are an established agent or a starting agency, visibility is very important. Clients need to know you exist before they can book your talent for an assignment. Even if you have your own website that is still no sure guarantee that a client will visit your website when looking for talent.

CastingNetwork brings you closer to clients, both on the national and the international market. CastingNetwork is active in the USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, the Czech Republic, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Poland and the UK. All you need to do is make yourself known through CastingNetwork

CastingNetwork is the ideal instrument for clients to select talent. In addition to the ever increasing talent database, CastingNetwork also provides many user-friendly search and selection options.

All agencies work completely independently. No commission is payable to CastingNetwork. As an agency you have a personal Talent Book listing all your talent. And, in turn, each talent has his or her own Talent Page .

This page specifies the contact details, sizes and four photographs of the talent. For an example of a ‘Talent Page’, please click here.

  • Launch your talent on the domestic and international market
  • Personal page for each talent on CastingNetwork
  • Full control over the photographs and information you want to put on the site
  • Photographs and information can be updated at any time
  • Use the automatic resizer to fit the photographs in our layout
  • 24/7 and worldwide accessibility
  • Hosting with great capacity
  • From 5 euro a year per talent (approximately 6.20 US dollars)

Each agency has a ‘Talent Book’. This is a personalised website on which all your talent is presented . For an example, please click here.

  • Personalised website without referral to CastingNetwork
  • Complete overview of your online talent database
  • Detailed search function for your talent database
  • Accessible to your customers without a password
  • Your own web address in the following format
  • Optional domain name, e.g.
  • 24/7 and worldwide accessibility
  • Hosting with great capacity
  • Free with every package

For more information about the method of payment, please click here.

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