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CastingNetwork is a website at the service of the casting industry. It presents actors, models and other talent. Clients can search our talent database free of charge.

CastingNetwork is not an agency. It only acts as a bridge between artistes and clients. One of the most important elements in this process is the direct contact between the parties. Both artiste and client work completely independently of CastingNetwork.

Extensive research preceded the establishment of CastingNetwork. This was done in close consultation with casting directors, Internet developers, communication experts, clients and artistes. In addition to determining the needs of our target groups, we investigated why already existing initiatives failed.

Talent is looking for work. Clients are looking for talent. Bringing together these two parties is CastingNetwork's principal aim.

Think global, cast local! CastingNetwork is active in various countries to develop an international platform. CastingNetwork is active in the USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, the Czech Republic, Spain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Poland and the UK.

CastingNetwork's international approach gives artistes greater visibility. This keeps the cost of registration down, making it more accessible to all kinds of talent. This, in turn, results in a bigger talent database, making it more interesting to clients. After al, the greater the offer, the greater the diversity and the more opportunities for the client.

In doing so, CastingNetwork is able to establish its fundamental goal. To achieve this CastingNetwork uses a clear website structure. The website is well-organised and user-friendly for both artistes and clients. Artistes are able to manage their information on the website easily and simply. And clients are able to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

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